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3 Ways to Ease Labor Pain



Labor is the most painful period of a woman’s life. It is not easy. Today when I was reciting Quran, I came across an amazing scientific miracle, it is in Surah Al-Maryam. When Bibi Maryam Aleh Salam was (pregnant with Jesus) going through labor pain, Allah orders her to go near a stream of water. You have to listen carefully to the science of this verses, Allah tells her to go near a stream of water, which was located next to a palm tree. Allah instructs her to shake the palm tree and keep pulling down the trunks of the palm tree, so the dates can fall down for her. Now one may ask why Allah ordered her to do so? Why is Allah telling us about the palm tree, the stream of water and the dates in the Quran? Why did Allah not just simply tell us that she gave birth to Jesus (PBUH)? Why all these details? Now here is the miracle. Firstly Allah tells her to shake the trunks of the palm tree and keep it pulling down. Medical science probes that pulling something back eases the labor pain and muscle tension. Some hospitals practice this also when a mother is about to give birth. They ask the women to hold on to something and keep pulling it back. Then Allah tells her to cool herself with water. There are many hospitals who believe that pregnancy is much easier in water. In fact delivery in water is becoming very popular nowadays. Allah tells herĀ  that relaxing in water will make her birth pain easier. Then Allah tells her straight away to eat the dates that fall from the palm tree. Now why did Allah instruct her to eat the dates? This is because dates contain fructose. Fructose don’t need sugar receptors to enter into the body cells. It is easily absorbed even in diabetic patients. It raises the blood pressure and eases the pregnancy. After a lot of study and research, modern medicine is practicing these methods now to ease the labor pain which was practiced by Bibi Maryam Aleh Salan, by the order of Allah, many years back. 1400 years back, Allah revises this story in the Quran for us to gain knowledge.

Which then, of the favours of your lord will you twain deny?”

Surah Ar-Rehman (Verse:18)

Subhan Allah. You can watch the video of water birth at this URL: